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Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook

This Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook is organized with 12 divisions. Although grouped in this way, an index is provided to encourage targeted use as the need arises. Here is a list of these divisions:

Introduction To Various Aspects  page 10
Investigation Techniques  page 20
Computer Details  Page 30
Parish Identification  page 40
Genline Overview  page 50
Translation Skills  page 60
Church Records Types  page 70
Standard Genline Search Methods  page 80
Advanced Genline Search Techniques  page 90
Publish Your Results  page 100
Plan For The Future  page 110
References  page 120
Appendix  page 130

When using this workbook, a computer connected to the internet should be handy and ready to go. Online support is described with computer internet addresses given in double line boxes throughout the workbook.

The back of each previous page is intentionally left blank to encourage notes to be entered as appropriate. This is a workbook. You can write in it. It is yours. Really. I know I have a reluctance to ever write in a book. But this is not a book. It is a workbook. Got it? Write anywhere you want. That way your notes can become a part of the record others may learn from as this workbook is passed on  when you can not contribute to it.

Swedish American Genealogy Humor entries are scattered throughout the workbook in single line boxes at the bottom of pages as space allows. They are entered in script handwriting style to simulate what is found in Old Swedish Church Records. They are taken from a collection which is available for sale. See information about this book on the last page of this workbook. Here is an example: 

There are ten chapters in this workbook.

Click on the title to go to each chapter.

Investigative Techniques

Computer Aspects

Parish Identification

Genline Methods

Translation Skills

Church Record Types

Standard Search Methods

Advanced Search Methods

Publish Results

Plan Ahead

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