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Plan Ahead

Obviously you can not trace every line of your ancestors back to the beginning 
of the church records at one time. When ever your success ends on a specific line, 
put that last found ancestor on the to do list. Then you will know where to begin 
your search when you have time to use Genline again. See a sample of this type plan 
at this URL.

Find a copy of my Genline Plan at:

By having a list you are working from, you will have a direction to follow without 
having to dive into the middle of notes and copies. What you need to do next will be 
clear to you. This will save time. Be sure to include the last GID reference number 
where you have a direct fix on a specific person. Plus, note where the worksheet is 
located for that inquiry. See page 111 of this workbook for a sample form you may want 
to use to lay out your Genline Plan. See page 112 of this workbook for a sample 
worksheet you may want to make copies. These copies can be used for each of your 
ancestors for whom  you have yet to identify parents.

Notebooks Are Handy
All of these worksheets can be three hole punched then put in a three ring binder. 
The dividers may run something like this:
To Do Worksheets
Genline Copies
Internet Resources
Personal Genealogies
Hyperlink Indexes
Handwriting Examples
Source Book
Be careful not to punch any page where the hole punches will cause useful data to 
be lost. This is particularly true of Genline printed copies. I use page protectors 
to put pages into when the content runs all the way to the left edge of the page. 
Each page protector can hold several copies. These page protectors could be a method 
to organize pages about individuals or of families. Another wonderful addition to the 
organization of your notebook may be the A to Z tab dividers. Then you can put the 
worksheets for each person after their surname first letter. This will aid in finding 
details as needed.

Patience Makes Perfect
At first, as you seek and find your Swedish ancestors, the pace seems rapid. Every ten 
minutes, then every thirty minutes, then every hour it seems you have added another 
pair of names to your pedigree chart. Then it may take a couple hours to find the next 
pair. Then four hours. Finding one person took me at least 10 hours. But I found her. 
So as you work to find your ancestors in Swedish church records, be patient. If a 
search takes a very long time, enjoy the hunt. 

Genealogy reminds me somewhat of stamp collecting, another of my interests. As a 
collector, when you have a blank space in a stamp album, the focus is to find a 
copy of that stamp. As a collector you have to fill that space. That's what collecting 
is all about. So you ask around. You check sale brochures. You go to auctions and sales.
Eventually you develop a want list of the stamps you need and circulate it so everyone 
knows what you want.

Then one day you find the stamp you need. You buy it, bring it home, and as you mount 
it in the album you admire your purchase. Once the stamp is in the album you probably 
never look at it again. Sound familiar? Two lessons from this: enjoy the hunt, and 
from time to time go back and relive the found items you have collected. Satisfaction 
with your effort will increase your ability to have patience.

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If you can manage a visit to Washington D.C., then the Library of Congress  Local History and Genealogy Reading Room just has to be on your list of must do activities. Here are more details about this wonderful experience and resource.


Skip Navigation Links  The Library of Congress >> Especially for Researchers >> Research Centers
Local History and Genealogy Reading Room (Humanities and Social Sciences Division)
Tours and Research Orientations
Learn about using the Library.
Before You Begin
Reading room policies and preparing for your research.
The Collections
What genealogical materials are available on site
Internet Subscription Services
Genealogy databases available at the Library of Congress.
Searching Tips
For locating genealogical materials in the Library's online catalog.
Acquiring Published Genealogies
How to submit materials to the Library as a gift, for purchase, and for copyright.
Bibliographies and Guides
Compiled by reference librarians.
American Memory
Digitized materials on U.S. history from the Library of Congress collections. Includes first-person accounts of 19th-century California, the Upper Midwest from 1820 to 1910, the Chesapeake Bay area from 1600 to 1925, and other resources for genealogy research.
Other Internet Sources
Other library catalogs and Web resources devoted to genealogy and local history.
Image: see caption below
Campbell of Glenorchy Family Tree
George Jamesone, 1635.
Scottish National Portrait Gallery

The Library of Congress has one of the world's premier collections of U.S. and foreign genealogical and local historical publications. The Library's genealogy collection began as early as 1815 with the purchase of Thomas Jefferson's library.

101 Independence Ave. SE
Thomas Jefferson Building, LJ G42
Washington, D.C. 20540-4660
Contact Information
Map showing location

Monday, Wednesday, Thursday:
8:30am - 9:30pm
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday:
8:30am - 5:00pm
Closed Sundays &
Federal Holidays


Ask a Librarian
Want to ask the reference staff a question about the local history and genealogy collections?

Search the Library's Catalog

  The Library of Congress >> Especially for Researchers >> Research Centers
  December 2, 2005
Contact Us:  
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These three letters stand for the best source of detailed information about Genealogy in the world. Through the Family History Centers which they sponsor, the world of genealogical research is open to everyone. Follow llinks from their web page to access detailed information.


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