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Sweden Genealogy Genline Workbook

Investigation Techniques

A variety of investigative techniques will be required to produce a list
of every family relative who immigrated to the USA from Sweden. Most likely 
the details about these distant ancestors of yours are not known to you at 
this moment. So the job is to track down all facts which will be essential to 
proceed with genealogical discovery. The goal of this activity is to find the 
full name, birth month, birth year, relationship, and immigration year of each 
immigrant relative. Enter these details on page 29 of this workbook. 

This investigation should include ancestors and all other family members who 
immigrated, not just your direct ancestors. A direct ancestor is a person like 
a great great great grandfather, but not a great great great uncle.

There may be a need to track down a person through a sibling. 
When some people left Sweden, they did not appear in the records 
as leaving. Although there was a requirement to obtain an emigration 
document from the home parish, some people did not complete the paperwork. 
Also if a person went to Germany and then left for America, the records in 
Sweden would not reflect their departure. That's why details about a relative, 
like a sibling, might be useful to find parents. Think of the process as a 
big puzzle. The more pieces you can find, the more success you will have.

A tentative pedigree chart will be helpful for you to start with. That way 
you can see who is related to who. I have put a blank form on the internet 
that you can copy. It is from the LDS PAF program. See page 34 in this workbook. 
Here is the URL.

Print a blank pedigree chart at this URL:

Please be advised at this point in your investigation that the more comprehensively 
and inclusively you perform this task, the easier other tasks will be to perform. 
You are advised and encouraged to develop the discipline to stay on task. 
You may want to jump ahead to other activities. Well, until page 29 of this 
workbook is complete for all the known immigrant ancestors you can find, it 
needs to be your focus. You will be unable to enter the Emibas CD to find emigration 
dates for your ancestors without the details on page 29. Further, you will not be able
to access the church records at Genline without the information on page 29. The 
situation is much like dominoes. You need to do one thing before you do another. 
This order is essential to success.

Admittedly you will not know everything or even anything about some of your 
immigrant ancestors or family immigrants when you begin this activity. This full 
process of genealogy will probably do for you what it has done for me: Find many 
relatives that I never knew about. And I'm not even close to done. Stand back for 
the family parade.

Through the work I have done, I have managed to find living relatives in Sweden, 
living family members in the USA, and names of ancestors back farther in history 
than I ever expected.

Go on now to follow through this workbook to gather the facts. Interview family 
members. Collect documents. And follow other tasks to use the USA census data to 
begin building your family tree. Begin to fill in your pedigree chart. Watch it grow.

Be prepared to hear that
the family records and papers 
from the old country
were discarded
just a few years ago.

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Tracing Your Swedish Roots

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Do you sometimes feel an urge to loot, pillage, burn and destroy? There could be Viking blood in your veins! This page will help you find out.

Sweden has kept excellent records of its citizens since the 17th century. This means that people of Swedish descent can trace their family's history in Sweden and discover distant relatives, if they just know some of the basic facts about their families. A little bit of luck might even take you down to the 12th century. On this page you will find links to all available resources and tips on how to begin and continue researching your Swedish ancestry.

Even if you choose to do most of the research yourself, the non-profit organizations and archives that can assist you sometimes charge fees to cover their basic operating costs. Those who do not wish to do the research themselves can hire professional genealogists who do family histories for money. Some of the sites listed below belong to non-profit organizations, while others are operated by people who may be offering their services as professional genealogical researchers.

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Institutions - Organizations

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) has a complete set of Swedish church records from the 17th century until 1920 available to the public on microfilm at their library in Salt Lake City, Ut.

FamilySearch is a free web service sponsored by LDS and provides instant online access to 300 million records out of the total of over 2 billion on microfilm in the church repository. Their page on Sweden is probably the best starting point you can find anywhere.

Ellis Island Records Opened in mid April 2001, this new site offers online access to 22 million immigration records between 1892 and 1924. Here's where you have a chance to find the key to the church records: the parish where your ancestor was born. Be prepared for long response times - the site is swamped with millions of search requests every day from all over the world. 56 million in its first two days alone.

Genline is an ongoing project to put 20 million pages of Swedish church records from the 16th, 17th and 18th centuries on line in gif and tif picture formats.
Swenson Swedish Immigration Research Center
Svensk släktforskning
Genealogy in Sweden
History to European and Swedish emigration to America by American West
Swedish Genealogy Page
Släktforskning i Sverige
The Swedish Emigrant Institute

Related research databases - Links to searchable databases (In the US)
Föreningen Släktdata A Swedish site, partly in English.

Genealogy resource pages

Genealogy site finder A complete list of resources in English relating to Sweden
Yahoo's Genealogy Page and Topic Search.

 The Library of Congress >> Global Gateway >> Portals to the World >> Sweden


Portals to the World: Links to Electronic Resources from Around the World selected by Library of Congress Subject Experts

Selected Internet Resources

Genealogy: Sweden

Created and maintained by the
 European Division
Collections and Services Directorate

These sites provide information, links and databases concerning genealogy and heraldry. Related information may be found under General Resources: Directories and Society: Ethnic Groups. For information about general genealogical resources available at the Library of Congress, consult the website of its Local History and Genealogy Reading Room.

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Svenska Emmigrantinstitutet (
The Swedish Emigrant Institute, in Växjö, Sweden, provides information on Swedish emigration, especially to America, and on the considerable resources available to researchers who visit the institute. In Swedish, English and German.

SweGGate: Sweden Genealogy Gate (
Sweden Genealogy Gate is a member of the WorldGenWeb Project, a non-profit organization, whose mission is to provide free genealogical advice through volunteer genealogists. Provides links to research guides, biographical databases, and discussion groups.

Cyndi's List of Genealogical Sites on the Internet (
Cyndi's List for Sweden provides partially annotated links to professional researchers and research services, libraries and archives, and mailing lists within Sweden. This site also furnishes links to world-wide genealogical information, either alphabetically or by subject categories. In Swedish and English.

Genealogy Forum (
For each country, provides an email forum on various genealogical questions related to that country. Postings for each country-related forum may be easily consulted either through a directory of postings or through a search engine.

FamilySearch (
A genealogical database primarily in North America but including many immigres. Maintained by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

International Civic Arms (
Provides coats of arms for cities and provinces world-wide. Maintained by the International Civic Heraldry website in the Netherlands.

Genealogy surname navigator (
Provides a surname search engine.

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