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Here you will find instructions on how to order the service of looking up the name of an 
ancestor from Sweden at SwedenRoots.com. If you have been unable to access this CD to find information about your immigrant ancestors, I'll give it a try for you. If I am successful, I will keep the $25 payment through PayPal for the service. If I am not successful, I will refund the entire $25 by PayPal. The process should not take longer than a couple days from the time when your PayPal payment is received by me until I notify you of the results.

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This is what you need to provide to me:

When you pay for this service through PayPal, type in the comments box on the PayPal screen the name of immigrant ancestor, birth date is very important, siblings, children, year of immigration, and any other details you may have. Don't worry that you do not have the Swedish spelling of their name. And send on all names. Often immigrants selected only one of the names they had in Sweden to be their name in the USA. If you send me all of what you know, I will have a better chance for success.

Send an additional email if you have more to add. The more information you provide, the more likely I will be able to find the person you seek details about. Sometimes family history about your immigrant ancestor is useful, as well. I will then look for the person you seek on the Emibas CD. If found, I will then check the Swedish Church Archives, Swedish Census, and the Swedish Emigration records as needed to make copies of Swedish records.

I may call you for more information if I am unable to find the person. Please include your telephone number, and a good time of the week and time to call. Also tell me in what time zone you live. I am in the Eastern time zone.  If I need to call for more information, I will pay for the call.

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This is what I will provide to you:

What I will provide is the location in Sweden where the person you seek came from when they traveled to the USA, the name of the parish in Sweden where they lived before coming to America, the page number in the Household Examination Record if available, and any other details I find. I will also include a copy of the actual church record from the archives in Stockholm which will list your immigrant ancestor at the last place where they lived. If they lived with other relatives, that will be included on this page of information. Often this is where parents can be found of an immigrant.

If the immigrant traveled with relatives, that will also be included.

If I am unable to find your relative, I will refund the entire PayPal amount you paid. PayPal is the only way I will accept payment because of the ease at providing a refund.  A full refund is yours if I can't find your relative. Really! I'm believable. Check out my eBay feedback of 2300+  at 100%.

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If I am unable to find your ancestor, I will issue a full refund through PayPal. Sorry, no other form of payment will work for this refund method.

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Click on this PayPal button to pay $25 with any debit or credit card. Please remember to include details about the person you want me to look up in the comments box of the PayPal web page. Send an additional email if there is not enough room  in the comments box.

Emibas Look Up Service $25


You should receive a reply when the payment is received telling you I have received the payment. Then I will work on your search as time allows. I would expect to need not more than a couple days to get to it. I will either be able to find your relative, or not. Some of my relatives were found in an hour or less. Others I am still working on after three months. Go figure. I hope I can help you move forward in your genealogical efforts.

Feel free to email me if you have questions about this service.


David U. Larson


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