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Genealogy Phrases and Pronunciation Guide

Here are a list of phrases related to genealogy which may be useful to communicate with others who do not speak English. You may hear each phrase with any audio player program. Just click on the phrase. Make sure your volume is turned up. These phrases are digitized and will only take seconds to load even into the slowest computer. Suggest other phrases to 

My hobby is to find details about my Swedish ancestors.

Here is a list of the people I am researching at this time.

I believe we have many common ancestors.

Do you have a collection of details about your family history?

Is there anyone of your relations who works on genealogy?

Are you interested in genealogy?

Do you have pictures of your ancestors?

Are you familiar with GENLINE?

Do you access GENLINE?

Are you a member of DISBYT?

Have you spent time to ask your older family members what they know about your family history?

Do you have a record of your family members to include dates of birth?

Do you have a family tree?

Do you know where your grandparents were born? great grandparents

Would you mind receiving a telephone call to discuss our common genealogy?

What is a good time to call?

Do you know anyone who speaks English that is interested in our common family history?

Do you have photographs of_____________?

Do you know details about early relatives like occupation, hobbies. talents?

This is what I know about our common ancestors.

Here is a GEDCOM file which includes what I have discovered about our family history.

My member number at DISBYT is _______.

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