Kathleen Dawn Miller was born in Toledo, Ohio during the economic depression era of the 1930's. So before all else, she was frugal.

Dawn grew up liking to play golf, play tennis, to garden, and to ride a bicycle.

Although she was know as Dawn, even as a child, she did not legally change her first name from Kathleen to Dawn until later in life.

Dawn was named after her grandmother, Lizzie Dawn. The Dawn family was that family that lived in the big house on the hill in Rugby Roads, Tennessee, not far from Elgin. This prominent family even had their own family cemetery off a country lane where many of the Dawn family are laid to rest. Dawn had direct ancestors who served in the American Revolutionary War, and even the Civil War. Dawn is easily identified as a Daughter of the American Revolution.

Dawn was a religious person who supported the First Presbyterian Church of North Palm Beach, Florida, for decades. She would be pleased to know that most of her personal possessions were donated to that church.

When I think of Dawn, I think of an extremely patient person who was hugely disciplined. She chronicled the Miller Davis families with thousands of photographs that she took time to identified. She also had the dedication to write in her personal journal, regularly.

I knew Dawn for twenty years. During that time she had numerous interests to include dogs, Disney, the Dolphins, books about castles with floor plans, pelicans, and Keds tennis shoes.

Dawn really liked Coca Cola, Snickers, Good and Plenty, mashed potatoes with gravy, and black jelly beans. Dawn did not like to drive over long, high bridges and she did not like to fly over water.

Now Dawn really liked Christmas. She would put up and decorate her Christmas tree the day after Thanksgiving and leave it up until February.

Dawn like to play cards. There were sessions of continental rummy in earlier times with her family, and 500 rummy recently. She always collected aces, regardless of if she had any in her hand or not. And playing double solitaire with Dawn could best be described as hand to hand combat. But normally she was kind and gently.

Dawn was the first person I ever knew to give a birthday party to a dog which, included wrapped presents and even a card. Dawn would patiently read the verse on the card to the dog.

Kind and gentle. That is her epitaph.

When ever I observe the flash of a camera, I will think of Dawn Miller.